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5 Nova launcher tips and tricks you should know [Beginner’s Guide]

The best Android launcher so far you can find on Google Play Store is the Nova launcher. Nova is one of the popular Android launchers available that can customize your Android homescreen the way you want. There are a number of tips and tricks of Nova launcher and we have gathered the 5 best Nova launcher tips and tricks that you should know if you are a beginner. Here they are:


5 Nova launcher tips and tricks you should know

If you are new to the Android launchers and you just have started using the homescreen launchers, then we suggest you take a look at these Nova launcher tips and tricks. It shows how well you can tweak your homescreen.

1) Hide Apps

Perhaps, the best trick you can do Nova launcher is to hide apps and folders and this is why we have selected it in our list of 5 best Nova launcher tips and tricks. Your stock launcher cannot do this but Nova can. To hide apps in Nova launcher, go to Nova settings -> App & widget drawers -> Hide apps. Choose the apps you want to hide and you are done. Easy as rolling off a log, isn’t it?

  • Go to Nova settings -> App & widget drawers -> Hide apps.



2) Double Tap to Lock

While some smartphones support double tap to lock and wake, this feature from Nova is quite useful for the ones that don’t allow or do not support double tap to lock. It saves you from pressing the power button every time you lock the device. Let’s see how it can be done.

  • Go to Nova settings -> Gestures & inputs -> Double tap

Open Nova settings, select Gestures & inputs, choose Double tap and tap on Screen lock. Now when you double tap on the homescreen, the device will be locked.


3) Smooth Scrolling

Adding effects to homescreen is another way to tweak Nova launcher. If you keep the widgets on different screens, you can try the Nova launcher’s scroll effects. To do that simply,

  • Go to Nova settings -> Desktop -> Scroll effect

Open Nova settings, then tap on Desktop and select Scroll effect. Now choose the effect you want. I would choose wipe because I like it. Get back to the homescreen, swipe and see how it looks.


4) Swipe Gestures on Homescreen

Nova launcher also supports swipe gestures and you can make the most out of it by adding swipe gestures to the home screen. An instance would be to open the app drawer, swipe up using two fingers, swipe down using two fingers can open Google Now or any other app you want to open using the swipe gestures. To do that, simply open Nova settings and visit the Gestures & inputs. You have all the gestures here so, choose whatever suits you and tweak accordingly.

  • Go to Nova settings -> Gestures & inputs


5) App Drawer Tabs

If you look the Android app drawer closely, you will see as it is a one-page scrolling and you have to find the app that you want from that one page by swiping repeatedly. Why not keep a tab and search it easily. With Nova Launcher, you have the option to add multiple tabs on the app drawer. You can name the tabs like Music, Games and etc. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Go to Nova settings -> Apps & widget drawers -> Tab bar

Just turn on the Tab bar under Apps & widgets and move to the Drawer groups where you can create your own tab. See the image below. This one also gain a sweet spot in our Nova launcher tips and tricks selection.

You can also use emoji to label the app drawer tabs. Try it out.



If you know any more ways to tweak the Nova launcher, share with us in the comments, it also helps other users. Visit more exciting posts on our How-To Guides.

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