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Best realme X7 Pro Tips, Tricks, Quick Shortcuts, Features

realme’s first 5G smartphone in India is the realme X7 Pro featuring Dimensity 1000+ CPU, a 120 Hz Super AMOLED screen, and 65W fast charging. It also offers realme UI with several features and additions in the Android, here are some of the realme X7 Pro tricks, tips, quick shortcuts, and features that you should know.

Best realme X7 Pro Tricks, Tips, Quick Shortcuts, Features



1) Lock Apps With Fingerprints

One of the useful realme X7 Pro tricks is to lock the apps with fingerprints and secure them so that you can unlock them with the fingerprint scanner. As you know it offers a fingerprint scanner under the screen, it can be used to lock individual apps. If someone tries to access any app on your smartphone, a fingerprint authentication will show up to unlock the app.

Set up the fingerprint scanner if you haven’t and head to the Settings -> Security -> App Lock. Choose the apps you want to lock with the fingerprint scanner. The next time you open the locked app, just put your finger on the scanner to unlock it.


2) Connect USB Drives, Keyboard, Or Mouse

If you want to use a USB drive, an external mouse, or a USB keyboard, make use OTG feature available on the realme X7 Pro. It supports the USB OTG feature which lets you use the USB devices on the phone by using an OTG cable or connector. 

To use USB drives or a keyboard or mouse on your smartphone, connect your USB device using the OTG cable or adapter. Once you have plugged in the USB device, enable the OTG connection feature found under the Settings -> Additional Settings.

  • Head to the Settings -> Additional Settings -> OTG Connection to mount the USB device connected to your phone.

Now you will be able to use the USB drive, keyboard, or mouse on the realme X7 Pro.


3) Use Three Fingers To Take Screenshots

If you are unaware of the three-finger screenshot gesture, taking screenshots can be very easy using the three-finger gesture. If you think the easiest way to take screenshots is the usual power button and the volume down button, try this gesture and see which one is more convenient.

How exactly it works? All you need to do is swipe the three-finger downwards on the screen and the screenshot will be saved automatically to the gallery. Although this feature is turned on by default on the realme X7 Pro, you can disable or re-enable it from the settings menu.

  • Go to Settings -> Convenience Tools -> Gestures & Motions -> 3-Finger Screenshot.


4) Take Half Or Partial Screenshots

Taking partial screenshots on the realme smartphones is possible, partial screenshots can be useful if you want to take a portion of the screenshot and it uses the same gesture i.e. three fingers.

Just like swiping the three fingers on the screen downloads, hold the three fingers on the screen for a second and then swipe downwards, this will give you a selection on the screen. Choose the screen area as per your wish to take partial screenshots.

5) Record Screen Activity & Gameplay

realme X7 Pro isn’t just a regular phone, it has a flagship processor that aids in high-end gaming and multitasking, and if you are into games, you should know that it has an option to record your gameplay with the built-in screen recorder function. Aside from this, recording chats, videos, or anything that’s happening on the screen is possible.

The screen recorder helps you to record any kind of screen activity on the phone, all you need is to tap the screen recorder shortcut icon from the notification panel and tap the recording button on the floating window. Once you are done with the recording, tap the stop button, your screen recording will be saved in the Gallery.


6) View Battery Percentage In The Status Bar

Normally realme smartphones along with most other Android smartphones don’t show up a percentage of the remaining battery in the status bar. It has an animated battery icon in the corner that doesn’t tell much about the battery life. What you can do is add a percentage to the icon so that you know how much battery power is left on the phone. To view the battery percentage on the realme X7 Pro, here’s what you can do.

  • Head to the Settings -> Notification & Status Bar and hit the Battery Percentage slider to see the battery percentage in the status bar.


7) View real-time internet speed in the status bar

Either it’s Wi-Fi or Mobile Data, for those of you who want to know the actual speed of the internet while downloading files or streaming videos, the realme X7 Pro allows you to view the real-time internet speed in the status bar.

  • Go to Settings -> Notifications & Status Bar -> Real-Time Network Speed and tap the slider. Check the status bar and notice the real-time speed indicator.


8) Check RAM Usage

Ever wanted to check RAM usage on your smartphone? The realme X7 Pro packs a huge amount of RAM, you get as much as 12 GB of RAM on the phone which is great for multitasking and gaming. To check how much the RAM is used and how much is the RAM available on the phone, there’s a quick trick, view the free RAM from the Recent Apps menu. Before you do that, you will need to activate the RAM info in the setting menu.



9) Launch Google Assistant With A Shortcut

The Google Assistant can be also launched with a quick shortcut, to launch Google Assistant quickly on your realme X7 Pro, just press and hold the power button for 0.5 seconds and the Google Assistant will open no matter on which screen you are on.

  • This feature isn’t enabled by default, head to the Settings -> Convenience Tools, and turn on the slider that says ‘Press and Hold the Power Button for 0.5s to Wake up Google Assistant‘.


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