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BlackBerry releases software update with five major improvements

As I discussed earlier this week , I am enjoying the BlackBerry 10 experience on the Z10. BlackBerry started rolling out the first BlackBerry 10 update that fixes several things and makes the device better.

BlackBerry releases software update with five major improvementsBlackBerry releases software update with five major improvements
Image: BlackBerry

It is very encouraging to see BlackBerry responding to feedback and providing updates this quickly, especially when you look at platforms like Android that seem to take forever to get updates to consumers. Updates that fix these types of issues are also great to see before the US launch, which is taking place in March.

While there are several improvements and bug fixes, the five primary improvements that you are likely to notice right away include:

  1. Third-party app performance: Performance for apps has been improved, so you should see them run faster and smoother. BlackBerry stated that we will see new app launches shortly, too, such as WhatsApp Messenger.

  2. Phone, calendar, and contacts: Gmail calendars have been fixed with this release. BlackBerry Hub changes for call log and conversations have also been improved.

  3. Camera: BlackBerry improved the camera performance in low-light situations, and this is one of those improvements I cannot wait to try out this weekend.

  4. Browser and media: BlackBerry improved the way the web browser handles video playback.

  5. Battery life: The BB Z10 hasn’t been a battery superstar, but this update reportedly includes 60 battery saving improvements. It’s great that we can always swap out the battery, but it’s always better when the device can perform longer without needing a charge.

We know there is still going to be an update with support for Android Jelly Bean apps. I actually find side loading Android apps to be a major benefit of the Z10, since Android apps fill the app gap for me and give me the best of Android and BlackBerry in a well-designed package.

I would love to see an update that lets me swipe to the next message in my list rather than having to go back to the Hub between each message.

What is your favorite improvement in this update? What do you want to see improved by BlackBerry in the future?

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