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Dual boot Android-Windows Phone HTC One makes little sense
Dual boot Android-Windows Phone HTC One makes little sense
(Screenshot by Matthew Miller, ZDNet)

There are likely many die-hard smartphone fans that would like to see a dual boot operating system option on their favorite device. Those people can do this now with an HTC HD2, but there is a possibility that this could be an official offering from HTC in the future.

Even as a fan of Windows Phone, this make little sense for the consumer market.

The HTC One is still my favorite smartphone ever and today is the first time I am taking out my SIM card to put into my new Galaxy Note 3 and try a different device as my primary phone. I have it loaded with MoDaCo SWITCH so I can dual boot into Sense 5 or Google Play Edition, which offers me the best choice in Android.

I like using Windows Phone, but every time I try to use it for my primary device it falls short of my needs due to lack of apps, lack of ability to rent and watch movies (I am a train commuter and honestly do find this useful), and lack of useful multi-tasking. Android is honestly a much more capable operating system and thus I don’t see why any consumer would want to switch from an Android experience to a Windows Phone experience on one device.

HTC has done a fabulous job with the HTC One and as I previously wrote you actually get many benefits of the Windows Phone experience already with the HTC One.

Dual booting also means consumption of the device’s memory to support the second operating system. HTC’s Sense is already loading up memory on the device and special HTC One models would likely have to be developed to support such a dual boot function.

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