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How to clear Dual Apps data on Redmi and Mi Phones [MIUI]

Android smartphones nowadays offer a feature that lets you create a clone of the original app, more like dual apps of the same kind. But whenever you create a clone app, you are probably wondering where exactly the dual app’s data is stored. If you somehow encounter a storage full problem and can’t find what’s consuming it, you should look for the apps you have created using the dual apps or clone apps feature. If you are using a Redmi or Mi smartphone running on MIUI interface, here’s how to clear Dual Apps data on Redmi and Mi Phones.


It was going out well until now, someone asked me to clear out storage space since he wasn’t able to find out what is eating up the phone’s space. It’s really annoying when you can’t find what is consuming the storage, it took me a while, and then I figured out that the Dual Apps is the culprit.

In smartphones especially MIUI based ones, you see a section under the storage categorized as Other occupying the space, what this means is it holds the data for the apps that you might have enabled the Dual Apps for. This data is hidden and can’t be accessible from the stock file manager, but I found out how to clear Dual Apps data on Redmi and Mi phones and free up the phone’s storage.

Note: Clear Dual Apps data on Redmi and Mi phones at your own risk, this will delete all the files and media related to the apps you have cloned.

How to clear Dual Apps data on Redmi and Mi Phones [MIUI]

  • Step 1: Head to the Settings on your smartphone and go to About phone right at the top.
  • Step 2: Tap on Storage to see how much storage is consumed in the Other section, this will give you an idea of the space on the phone before you clear the Dual Apps data.


  • Step 3: Now head back to the Settings and swipe to the bottom and tap on Apps.


  • Step 4: Tap on Dual Apps, on the top, you will see a Settings gear icon, tap on it.


  • Step 5: Once you enter the Dual app settings, tap on Delete dual apps’ accounts.


  • Step 6: Tap on Delete in the popup at the bottom. Make sure you read the popup, it says, Delete all dual apps along with their accounts and app data? Your device will be rebooted to apply this change.


  • Step 7: Head to the Settings again and check your storage space from the About -> Storage.

This was a quick solution/workaround that I’d found when I saw something was occupying the space, but it wasn’t in the file manager.

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