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How to find who you talk to the most on WhatsApp [Guide]

WhatsApp has one of the most active users every month, many of you are using WhatsApp daily to text your friends and family. While there are many tips and tricks for WhatsApp we have shared here on How-To Guides, here’s a secret tip for those who are looking for people who you’ve talked the most.


Since you are using WhatsApp daily, you’ve accumulated a chunk of messages which include texts, photos, videos, music, and other media. WhatsApp keeps a log for these data so that you can find out how much you’ve consumed the data on WhatsApp.

And perhaps, you are worried about whom you talk the most, or you are just curious to know who’s your favorite person on WhatsApp as you frequently chat with them. WhatsApp offers you some great features built-in, a feature that shows you how much text you’ve accumulated in total as well as media files like Photos and Videos, GIFs, Audio messages, Documents, Stickers, and more. This data will allow you to find such people whom you’ve talked the most.

Find who you talk to the most on WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp Settings -> Data and storage usage -> Storage usage

Head to the WhatsApp Settings -> Data and storage usage -> Storage usage. Once you tap the Storage usage, you will be shown a list of contacts you’ve chatted on WhatsApp sorting the most one at the top to the least one at the bottom. This will give you the most talked contact you always wanted to know. You can check on how much data you’ve shared among them.


Most Text Messages, Photos Shared


How much storage you WhatsApp has used in total and what’s the maximum storage used by your top contact? Let us know.

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