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How to record screen activity on Mac [Guide]

Wanted to create a screen recording on your Mac? Perhaps you want to record some software tutorials or just a random video of playing games or maybe doing any activity, there’s a way to do it easily and you don’t need to download any third-party apps in order to record the screen activity, the QuickTime which comes preinstalled on your Mac does it for you.

Apple’s QuickTime Player is a multi-purpose app with several other uses including recording the screen activity. Normally, it’s used to play movies on your Mac, however, QuickTime has the ability to creating screen recordings. Here’s what you need to do to record screen activity on Mac.


How to record screen activity on Mac

  • Launch QuickTime Player on your Mac.

Open Finder and go to the Applications folder and choose QuickTime Player. You can simply search QuickTime Player in the Spotlight by pressing Command + Space. Another way to open the QuickTime is to pinch four fingers and launch QuickTime.

  • Once you open the QuickTime and go to the menubar.
  • Click on File -> New Screen Recording.
  • A small window will open with a Red button.
  • Click on the Red dot to start the recording.



You will be prompted to select either part of the screen or full screen. Drag the selection to record the part of the screen. To record the whole screen, just click anywhere and the recording will start.

Record the desired activity on the screen and once you are done, click on the small recording icon in the menubar. Clicking on it will stop the recording and you will be able to review your screen capture.

You will see a video player with your screen capture. To save the recording by going to File -> Save. QuickTime only saves files as MOV which is a native format on Apple devices.


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