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How to take scrolling screenshot on any Android device [Guide]

One of the easiest way to share something from your smartphone is taking a screenshot of it. Be it a conversation, some meme on the Internet or a celebrity getting trolled, the easiest and fastest way to share such stuff with your friends is taking a screenshot of it.


It’s no issue if you have to take one or two screenshots of something and share it. The problem lies when you have to share a conversation or something else which requires taking multiple screenshots by scrolling through it. Taking such multiple screenshots and then sharing them in proper order can be a daunting task.

Wouldn’t it be good if you could take a scrolling screenshot of the entire conversation and then share it with others? Samsung did include a feature to take scrolling screenshot in their flagship devices Galaxy Note5 and Galaxy S7. But, not all devices come with this feature. What to do then? Well, worry not, we show you how to take scrolling screenshot on any Android device. Read on.

How to take scrolling screenshot on any Android device

Step 1: You first need to download the ‘Stitch & Share : big screenshot‘ app from Google Play Store in order to be able to take scrolling screenshot on your Android device.


Now start taking screenshots from the very beginning of a conversation. Take a screenshot then scroll down, then again take another screenshot and scroll down. Do this till you have covered the entire conversation. Be sure that the last message is also the first message (beginning of next screenshot should overlap with the end of previous screenshot).

Step 2: After you have taken multiple screenshots, the app will automatically detect it and a notification will show up in the notification bar. Tap on that notification which says ‘Screenshots stitched‘. Doing so will open all the those screenshots in the app, if they are not in order, tap on the ‘three-dot button‘ located at the top right of the app screen and select ‘Reverse order‘.


You can also manually adjust the screenshots to make sure that they are overlapping properly. This can be done by tapping on the ‘scissor icon‘. Adjust the screenshots and then tap on ‘Save‘.

Step 3: Now tap on the arrow which is pointed towards the right side. This will provide you two options – Save To Card and Share To. Tap on ‘Save To Card‘ to save the image on your Android device.


Alternatively, you can tap on ‘Share To’ if you want to share the url of the scrolling screenshot, or, share the file via any of the app installed on your Android device.


Now that you know how to take scrolling screenshot on your Android device, you won’t have to bother with sending multiple screenshots when you want to share something. Take a look at the video below for better understanding. The UI looks a little different, but the functionality is the same.

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