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Snokor iRocker Stix Review

Snokor iRocker Stix is a budget TWS Earphone by Infinix and these are probably the only pair of true wireless earphones that come with 14.2mm Dynamic Bass Boost drivers under the price of Rs.1300. They connect via Bluetooth 5.0 and come with USB Type-C quick charge support. While the Snokor iRocker Gods and iRocker XE15 were sold via Flipkart these earphones are available exclusively on Amazon. Are these earphones worth your money? Let’s dig into the review and find out. 


Snokor iRocker Stix Key Features

  • Drivers: 14.2mm Dynamic Bass Boost driver with Hi-Fi (High Fidelity Speakers) Audio
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth V5.0
  • Battery: 300 mAh charging case, 40 mAh earbuds
  • Other Features: Button Control allows you to manage your calls and media playback with a few clicks.
  • Price: Rs.1,299.

Design & Build

Talking about the design, the Snokor iRocker Stix comes with a square plastic charging case that has a USB Type-C port on the back. We got the White variant to play around with but Infinix also sells these in a black color option. You get the Snokor branding on the top of the case and along with that, there’s an LED on the front which lights up when you are charging the case or the Buds. Just like the other Snokor iRocker earphones, the iRocker Stix also comes with the Designed by Infinix and some Battery Information printed on the bottom.

The earbuds weigh 4 grams each whereas the charging case weighs 32 grams. The build quality for the case is good however the magnets inside the case are disappointing. Even the slightest shake can make the earphones fall from the case. Talking about the earbuds themselves, the Snokor iRocker Stix earphones are very lightweight and these come with a very unique design. You get a button on the back along with an LED light in both of the earbuds that lights up when you are pairing or charging the earbuds. However, the fit for these earphones is really bad and you can’t use them while you are working out because they keep falling off.

We won’t recommend you to get these if you plan on working out since it has no IP certification which means that they aren’t splash and sweat resistant and In addition to this, they might fall off when you are running. The people who’ll be using these in their home and office won’t face any major issues. The packaging is pretty basic and you get the key features printed on the box. Inside the box, there’s a USB Type-C cable, some user manuals, and the earphones along with the charging case. You can have a look at the Snokor iRocker Stix earphones in the images below.













Features & Connectivity

Snokor iRocker Stix uses Bluetooth V5.0 for pairing with the other available devices. To connect with a new device, you have to turn on Bluetooth on the device you want to pair them with. Once the Bluetooth is turned on, take out the earbuds from the charging case and you’ll notice that Red & Blue light will start flickering on the earphones. This means that the earphones are ready for pairing and once this happens you can connect with them easily by selecting them in your Bluetooth search results. It also supports automatic pairing which means that they can automatically connect to your last device if Bluetooth is turned on.

We tried using these with an iPhone SE 2020 and an ASUS Laptop and there were no connectivity issues. The connection was pretty solid and we didn’t face any audio drops or delays. The buttons on the earbuds are very clicky and they work perfectly too. You can manage your phone calls and control your media playback with a few clicks. Pressing the power key once on your earphones allows you to play/pause your music and answer your call whereas pressing it twice allows you to jump to the next track. Users can also jump to the previous track by pressing the key thrice and In addition to this, they can also trigger Google Assitant or Siri if they press the power key for 2 seconds.

Overall, when it comes to connectivity the Snokor iRocker Stix definitely won’t disappoint you.


Audio Quality & Battery Life

Snokor iRocker Stix comes with a 14.2mm Dynamic Bass Boost driver with Hi-Fi (High Fidelity Speakers) Audio and this is impressive because there are hardly any TWS Earphones at this price range that offer 14.2mm drivers. When it comes to the Audio Quality these earphones give tough competition even to those TWS earphones that cost more than Rs.2000 because the audio output is so good considering its price. These are the best pair of TWS earphones that you can grab under Rs.1300 if your main priority is listening to music.

The bass is decent and the overall loudness is better than most of the TWS Earphones in this price range. If you listen to a lot of Hip Hop / Pop music then you will definitely have a great time with these. Watching movies is also fun as the vocals are clear and the dialogues can be heard easily. These sound similar to the iRocker Gods by the company but the only difference is these have less bass when compared to the iRocker Gods.


Moving on to the Battery Life, the Snokor iRocker Stix comes with a 40 mAh battery which is further coupled with a 300 mAh charging case to provide you up to 16 hours of playback time. Now with a 40 mAh battery, you can’t expect the earphones to last for a complete day and the same is the case with the iRocker Stix.

Infinix promises up to 4 hours of battery life in a single charge and in real-life usage, we managed to get around 3 hrs and 45 mins of Battery Life. These were charged at 100% at 3.03 PM so I started testing them with some music and by 4.42 PM the battery was down to 80%. After that, I tested this with a movie and as the movie came to an end the battery life on the earbuds ended too. So yes the battery life on this is average and if you are looking for something that lasts for 5-6 hours after a single charge then these earphones aren’t made for you.


Snokor iRocker Stix is one of the best sounding true wireless earphones that you can get under Rs.1500 however this comes with a very bad design. If Infinix worked more on the design these would have been perfect however with the current design these keep falling off and you can’t use them when you aren’t working out. These earphones also don’t come with an IP rating so you have to take extra care if you are near water. If these things do not concern you and you are just looking to buy a pair of TWS Earphones which sound great then you can go ahead and buy them because you won’t face any problems with the sound quality or the connectivity on this one.

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